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What We Offer

Students workingWe work with KS2 and KS3 students, teachers and parents.

Our most popular are:

Chemistry with Cabbage workshop (for Y5 or Y6)

A full day of real hands-on chemistry for year 5 or year 6. We bring in the equipment and household chemicals for each child to do their own experiments and work with a class all day. The children make indicators, test household chemicals, look at the properties of acids, do reversible and irreversible changes. It covers KS2 materials syllabus, including evaporation, condensation, melting, dissolving, reversible reactions and states of matter.

Absolutely brilliant. Really built on the children’s knowledge and I’ve never known the class so quiet. The organisation and delivery was superb and all aspects covered well, including health and safety – St. Vincent’s Primary

We would never be able to cover such content without this resource. The organisation was remarkable. A normally highly excited class was completely attentive and responsive – Penketh Community Primary

Fantastic!. A well organised and exciting day with lots of investigation and discussion in a structured atmosphere. The children responded with great enthusiasm and there was lots of learning, both of knowledge and skills, in a short time – Egerton Primary

TeachingElectrical Circuits (for Y4, Y5 or Y6)

The Electricity workshop covers all the KS2 electricity syllabus and more. We bring equipment so for children to make circuits with bulbs, motors and buzzers, look at the conductivity of different materials and test resistors. It can be a full day for Y4, 5 or 6, or two half days so that two classes get a go.

Your class will learn what electricity is, how to work with it safely, how we use, store and measure it. They make circuits in series and parallel, solving problems, testing motors and buzzers and drawing circuit diagrams. They predict and test which materials are conductors and which are insulators. They investigate how the number of bulbs, cells and the thickness, length and material of the wire affect a circuit.

All this is done with the our circuit boards, used with crocodile clips. Magnetic wires are available for students with physical special needs.

Forces and Light (Key Stage 2)

A full day practical workshop for KS2.

Covers contact and non-contact forces – gravity, magnetism, upthrust and friction with fun experiments that the children do themselves. Experiments with light including reflection, refraction and chromatography

All equipment provided, children work in small groups recording, discussing and comparing their results.

“Absolutely brilliant. Really built on the children’s knowledge and I’ve never known the class so quiet. The Pitch, pace and activities were all fantastic, ensuring that all the children were engaged and enjoying the sessions” – Wimboldsley Primary

“A fantastic, engaging session which kept the children hooked the entire time. Thank you!” – Broken Cross Primary

A fantastic workshop which was engaging and informative. It was well-delivered and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you” – St Oswald’s Worleston CE Primary

Habitats and Plants (for any age group)

A full day of hands-on experiments showing how animals and plants have adapted to suit their environment. Children do their own research to see how blubber keeps polar bears warm and use choice chambers to find out which habitat woodlice prefer. They test soil, show how plants take water from earth and make batteries from fruit.

“The children have really enjoyed themselves. They love to have a go. The activities have been linked brilliantly to the Year 2 curriculum. We have all had a super day. I have learnt some great ideas about how to make ‘living things’ more interactive”

“The children were engaged throughout. Great resources meant all children ‘had a go’. They really enjoyed experimenting”

“Thank you for a wonderful fun-packed day of science. The children have thoroughly enjoyed the experiments. They have learnt a lot and it is lovely to listen to their scientific vocabulary. An amazing day”


Chemistry with Cabbage show (for the whole school)

A demonstration of dramatic experiments that can be done with simple household chemicals. It lasts an hour for as many as you can get in the hall. It covers materials concepts of dissolving, solids, liquids and gases, evaporation, reversible and irreversible reactions.

All equipment and chemicals are provided. ‘Recipe’ leaflets are also available to take home and advice on equipment and chemicals. It works well as an assembly or for parents alongside children.

Highlights include:

  • The Lardberg – an ‘iceberg’ made of lard demonstrates the weirdness of water
  • Two plastics that you can make at home using simple ingredients
  • See why sour milk makes the best scones
  • Using a constipation medicine to grow the fastest crystals ever!

“That was just fantastic. I can’t wait to try these out at home”
“A terrific show”
“Why didn’t they teach chemistry like this when I was at school?” – parent feedback

For all enquiries, contact Lorelly Wilson: