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Ofsted Comments

Ofsted reports mentioning Chemistry with Cabbage.

“We will remember the exciting science Year 6 did with cabbage. We have confidence that your teachers will continue the excellent work it is doing.”
Inspection of St Bede’s Catholic Junior School, Widnes, WA8 6EL

“The school invited a female scientist into the school to inspire the girls. As a result, in the national tests in science all girls achieved highly.”
Inspection of Latchford Primary, Warrington WA4 1AP

“Year 6 pupils were introduced to basic chemistry, spending the day carrying out experiments such as identifying whether household materials were acids or alkalis. This clearly promoted enjoyment and extended their knowledge.”
Inspection of Witton Church Walk CW9 5QQ

“There is a good use of visits and visitors who add excitement and bring learning to life, such as, the science work resulting from the ‘Chemistry with Cabbage’ workshop”
Inspection of St Aidan’s, Wythenshawe M23 0BW

“There are many very good opportunities for enrichment of pupils’ learning. Teachers make good use of science as a vehicle for extended writing for example KS2 write about their work with acids and alkalis.”
Inspection of Buglawton school CW12 2EL

“In order to extend and develop pupil’s enthusiasm for science, specific days and competitions have been arranged. The use of a highly specialised teacher to raise the profile of the subject is good.”
Inspection of Glazebury School WA3 5LZ

“Scientists from the local industries visit the school and share their expertise with the pupils.”
Inspection of Whirley School SK10 3JL

“In some Year 6 lessons they demonstrate an increasing understanding of aspects of materials and their properties that are drawn from the programmes of study for older pupils. They use scientific terminology to describe changes such as evaporation and condensation, and have had experience of testing different solutions, both alkali and acid. For example, they have carried out guided experiments on materials found in the kitchen under the title of ‘Cabbage Chemistry'”
Inspection of Penketh School WA5 2QY

“The use of visitors such as the science workshop enlivens the curriculum and stimulates pupils interest in the world in which they live”
Inspection of St Luke’s school