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Professional Links

Here are some of the scientific organisations I’m involved with.

Royal Society of Chemistry
This is the professional body representing chemists. I’m on their eduction committee.

British Science Association
This is a great organisation which runs Science and Engineering Week in March and a superb science festival in September. I am an honorary member and chair the North West branch.

Annual Register
This gives a summary of all the important events of the year and has been published continuously since 1758. I write their science section.

Museum of Science and Industry
This terrific museum has loads of exhibits on masses of different science topics and run great exhibitions and workshops.

North Wales Science Council
Techniquest, a great interactive science centre, is run by the North Wales Science Council, and I am one of the directors.

Catalyst Museum
A museum specialising in chemistry which runs great workshops and shows.

Royal Institute of Great Britain
The Royal Institution organise public lectures for adults and children to help them to see what fun science is. I do schools lectures for them.

Much of the research which is done in chemistry in the UK is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. To make sure that the right projects are funded they have teams of people to assess and decide which are best. I am on the Public Engagement Peer Review College.