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Teachers’ Comments

Here’s a selection of the feedback we have received.Teaching

“I can’t praise this wonderfully interactive, full on, stimulating, exciting and educational event enough. What a superb vehicle for celebrating science and inspiring pupils. Mrs Wilson’s experiments are well planned, highly structured and organised. How I wish all science was taught like this.”
Brentnall Primary, Salford

“This hands-on experience could not be improved”
Wybunbury Delves Primary

“One of the most impressive things I’ve seen in school”
St Gregory’s

“The children were motivated and engaged throughout. Thank you for the time and effort you put into such a fantastic day”
Irlam Endowed

“A truly inspirational day which enthralled pupils and staff alike. The clarity of delivery, the incisive questions and the practical elements all served to provide an exceptional learning experience. A fabulous presenter who is positive with the children yet has high expectations.”
St Paul’s CE Primary

“Thoroughly enjoyable and interactive lesson. Mrs. Wilson gave clear and precise instructions and summaries. Pupils gained a wealth of experience and scientific knowledge. Teacher gained not only knowledge but practical ideas on how to deliver a science lesson. Thank you so much.”
St James RC Primary

“A wonderful day. An enthusiastically lead day has inspired the children to all become scientists. The hands on approach was superbly lead and all the children have learnt loads in a thoroughly enjoyable day.”
Styal Primary

“A superb day, thanks very much. The children were engrossed, loved the practical work and learnt a lot as well. Very well organised and everyone was involved. I hope we can do this again next year.”
Vernon school, Poynton (Class 1)

“Absolutely superb! So interesting and exciting! Every child could do the experiments instead of sharing within a group. All well-known household chemicals used and ideas given to the children for doing experiments at home. So well planned. Thank you very much.
Vernon school, Poynton (Class 2)

“Fantastic hands on for all abilities, wonderful interaction between Lorelly and the children. I hope next year’s year 6 are fortunate enough to experience this valuable science in their everyday life. Thank you Lorelly for a magical day.
Lacey Green

“As the children said – ‘WOW’. The children gain so much from Mrs. Wilson’s expert teaching. She develops a wonderful rapport with all the children and delivers the scientific knowledge in a fun, but structured way. The children enjoyed the activities but also had to think.”
St. John’s Sandbach

“Such an exciting day lead by such an enthusiastic chemist. I’m sure the children will take on to the High School all the interest in chemistry that has been awakened today”
Ashdene Primary, Wilmslow


“A brilliant day. The children learnt a great deal and had fun. We will definitely want you to return. Thank you”
St Luke’s Primary, Glossop

“Simply a fantastic day! All children engaged at all times. A class full of happy faces, you couldn’t ask for more”

“I’d heard so much about you before you came that I as worried you wouldn’t live up to your reputation, but you exceeded it. It’s been a fantastic day. I’m going to buy a red cabbage on the way home and experiment!”
North Reddish Junior

“The classroom echoed with oohs and aahs. The children will be going home tonight with tales to tell and cupboards to raid.”
St. Werburgh’s

“This has been one of the best days I have ever spent. I have learnt so much that I will be able to use again with a class in the future”
St. Bede’s

“Superb! The children learnt a tremendous amount and are now science enthusiasts”
Sycamore Lane Primary

“Excellent. A practical, yet focused day. Each activity was well organised and paced to keep the class enthusiastic and eager. Each child was absorbed and a high level of learning took place. The children got to experience what is mostly only talked about in books. Please come back next year.”
Cambridge Road Primary

“In one day the children have experienced and learnt so much. It was great for them all to have their own equipment. I’ve learnt lots myself too. It’s been a fantastic day!
St. Luke’s

“A fantastic day of practical science. The children were highly motivated by the activities and stimulated by their discoveries and the scientific explanations. Mrs. Wilson was extremely well organised and had an excellent presentation style.”
Stamford Park

“Brilliant! All of the children loved the day and gained an awful lot – children of all abilities. Lessons were a brilliant pace, really kept their interest. The approach to practical science was so organised and well resourced, it just wouldn’t be possible to do this normally. An invaluable experience for both teacher and class – I’ve learned even more than last year! Than you very much.
Cledford Junior School

“We would never be able to cover such content without this resource. The whole day was led with enthusiasm and the organisation was remarkable. A normally highly excited class was completely attentive and responsive. Definitely more positive about science now.”
Penketh Community Primary

“An informative, practical and packed day which has been hugely beneficial to the children. They have learnt a lot more than I could give them, but it was explained very clearly so all children understood. (even me!) The children were enthralled all day.”
Rudheath County Primary

“The ‘wow’ was put back into science. These activities will certainly inspire children. The doing leads to learning and understanding. Well organised and prepared activities were accessible to all abilities. It made the children want even more.”
Holmes Chapel Primary

“Excellent!. The children were very enthusiastic and captivated from the start. It was a real learning experience. Today will be remembered and has been thoroughly enjoyed. Having a specialist is of great value to both the children and teacher. I have learnt a lot and have great ideas to enhance my own teaching, more value than a course. Thank you!”
Frodsham Manor House C.P.

“A great day, brilliant organisation. All the children were very engrossed, listened and actively took part. They learnt a lot. Interest level was high and even kept EBD unit children motivated.
Broken Cross C.P.

“Children of all abilities were fully engaged throughout the day by a wide variety of practical activities. Mrs. Wilson’s organisational skills and her ability to involve every child led to a highly successful and valuable learning experience. Thank you very much.
Altrincham C.E. Primary

“A fantastic learning experience for Y6 children. This is an excellent service for schools”
Quinta County Primary

“A fantastic day. All of the children’s abilities were met. The skills learnt were reinforced throughout the day. A great deal of scientific knowledge was covered in an enjoyable atmosphere”
Middlewich County Junior (includes unit for the deaf)

“What a wonderful, exciting day. Very well organised and presented giving the children a wide range of experience and knowledge. Please come again.”
Over St. John’s Primary

“The children have had a truly wonderful day. The workshops have really switched the children on to science. The best learning is often achieved when the children don’t realise they’re learning – this really does this”
Smallwood C.E. Primary

“Absolutely excellent. This was a great model of how primary science should be taught. We are all very grateful for the opportunity. The children were constantly involved, enthusiastic and very responsive. The whole school was aware of their participation in the workshop due their positive talk at break times. They all went home wanting to be scientists.”
Lacey Green Primary

“Fantastic!. A well organised and exciting day with lots of investigation and discussion in a structured atmosphere. The children responded with great enthusiasm and there was lots of learning, both of knowledge and skills, in a short time.”
Egerton County Primary

“What a superb afternoon. The pupils learnt so much and used the scientific process with a sense of purpose. This is good science teaching which leads to long term learning and motivation of pupils.”
North Reddish Junior

“Absolutely brilliant. Really built on the children’s knowledge and I’ve never known the class so quiet. The organisation and delivery was superb and all aspects covered well, including health and safety.”
St. Vincent’s Primary

“The day was very well prepared and absolutely flew by. A most excellent experience for the children and myself”
Lower Peover C.E. Primary

“A super hands-on experience for all the children regardless of their ability. Thanks for an inspiring day”
Marton and District Primary

“The children were attentive and interested. The balance of explanation and individual investigation was just right. A great day for the children and for me”
High Legh Primary

“The children were captivated with all the ideas and activities which were very well resourced. As well as relating scientific concepts to everyday experiences, the day extended all the children’s existing knowledge and understanding. It reminded me of the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. A great day”
Gorsey Bank Primary

“The children were instantly interested in the tasks and activities. They remained enthusiastic all day because of fantastic organisation and expert delivery. A brilliant day”
Kingsley C.P.

“Mrs. Wilson’s enthusiasm for her subject is infectious. The children were very enthusiastic and remained on task throughout the session.”
Bexton County Primary