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Elephant toothpaste

    Elephant toothpaste

    This is definitely not for cleaning your teeth! But this cool experiment fizzes beautifully.

    Ingredients and equipment that you will need

    Plastic bottle
    Washing up liquid
    20 or 30 volume hydrogen peroxide
    Dried yeast

    Method and further information

    Do this in a plastic bottle, never use glass. It is messy, so do it outside. Put a large squirt of washing up liquid and then about 100mls of 20 or 30 volume hydrogen peroxide from the chemist. Dissolve a teaspoon of dried yeast in about 20mls of water and leave it to start frothing. Add this to the bottle and stand back.

    Be careful – you should ask an adult to help you with these experiments. Do your experiments in old yoghurt pots, jam jars or bottle tops. Don’t use cups or glasses in case someone thinks it’s a drink.